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Covid-19 has hit the pause button on workshops for a while, but don't worry, they'll be back as soon as it's safe and practical to be so!


Have fun and make friends, while you improve your photography skills and experience with an inkpanda photography workshop!

Inkpanda runs a variety of different workshops throughout the year. All workshops are suitable for people of all ages and abilities, as long as you have a DSLR camera, you can join in.

If you are a novice, then great, we can get you started on the right foot from the beginning! Intermediate looking to explore more than just the ‘auto’ function?  I’ll show you what your camera can really do! Highly experienced and confident? Fantastic - feel free to share your own knowledge and experience, get some creative inspiration, and set yourself some goals to help keep your skills honed.  

Louise at inkpanda LOVES running workshops, and teaching people how to be better photographers. She gets a huge amount of pleasure in seeing people improve, discover their own passion, and experience the magical combination of art and technology that photography combines. 

What to expect

Suitable for everyone with a DSLR camera, a photography workshop focussing on all things portraiture. 

Not just a day for perfecting your technical photography skills, but a day in which to consider the artistry behind truly great portraits, and how they are achieved. It's these two things combined that will help you to unleash your technical and creative ability, and find your own unique voice as a photographer.

We’ll start the day at the steps of the National Portrait Gallery in Westminster, London where we’ll have a quick meet and greet, and then head inside to take in some of the portraits on display, where we will consider the works on show and discuss elements such as lighting, composition, storytelling, mood, purpose, angles, primary and secondary subjects and exposure values.

With our heads full of creative inspiration, we will then take a stroll through Central London to our next location, all the while considering, discussing and practicing the art of street photography. The Curzon Cinema Bar in Bloomsbury, is an amazing venue with a great variety of spaces and different indoor and outdoor lighting, where we can refuel in a specially reserved area, and we’ll consider some of the more technical aspects of portrait photography. We’ll explore some tips and tricks for using the light, composition, focussing, aperture, shutter speeds and ISO, and also elements such as directing your subject and bringing the best out of them. We’ll take on some challenges to put to use the skills we've looked at. I will be on hand to help you achieve the kind of portraits you want to, using natural light, available light, and camera flash units.

We will be modelling for each other, so come prepared to have your photo taken!

Shortly before the workshop, I will send you an email with some more information, including a short form for you to complete and return, so that I have an idea of anything specific you are hoping to get out of the day.

This is a full day, packed with art, science, socialising, exploration, challenges, new experiences and more! 

After the workshop, I encourage you to send me your pictures so I can give further advice and encouragement. I'll also send out a write-up of all the things we covered, so you don't need to take notes on the day.



"I’ve been on two of Louise’s courses and they are amazing. She has such an extensive knowledge of photographic techniques and is full of ideas for getting that perfect shot."

Claire, Guildford

"I had a fabulous day taking photos with Louise. She helped me to discover exactly what my camera is capable of. Lots of good advice. Louise is passionate about photography and her enthusiasm is contagious. I highly recommend a course with her."

Debs, London

“Thank you again, for the day. You may remember that my objective was to get closer to making a photo about the person rather than of them and I think I made some really big strides towards understanding what this means, and our conversations in the NPG and Photographers Gallery were massive in this respect, and I have been digesting the lessons of the day ever since."

John, London

"I really enjoyed my portrait workshop with Louise and a super bunch of like minded photographers.I particularly benefitted from the neat balance of instruction and practical.The group was friendly and very helpful and we shared a lot of individual knowledge. I liked the variety of the portrait gallery, some 'briefed' street photography and the session using different lighting."

Michael, London