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What They’re Saying

"Just had to rewatch our video now - such lovely memories & gorgeous photos - we were genuinely touched & surprised how you captured all the special moments without us knowing you were even taking our pictures!! Fab skill that! So heartwarming to hear you enjoyed putting them together too. We are also catapulted back to our day when we hear our song & reminds us to be happy despite what's going on in the world at the moment.”


“Thank you again, for the day. You may remember that my objective was to get closer to making a photo about the person rather than of them and I think I made some really big strides towards understanding what this means, and our conversations in the NPG and Photographers Gallery were massive in this respect, and I have been digesting the lessons of the day ever since."


Not only is Louise a fantastic photographer, she brings a wealth of other skills and experience along with her. Great with people, professional, punctual, great communicator. I've used Louise several times and am always impressed by her dedication to delivering the highest quality service every time.

I had a fabulous day taking photos with Louise. She helped me to discover exactly what my camera is capable of. Lots of good advice. Louise is passionate about photography and her enthusiasm is contagious. I highly recommend a course with her.



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