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Louise Paton, founder @ inkpandaphotography

“People are so good at hiding themselves - I just keep shooting until I see what’s really there."

In 2013, I ditched the rat-race and started inkpanda. Now, along with a BA in Commercial Photography from Bournemouth Arts University, I keep busy with all manner of projects. These days I'm focussed primarily on Weddings, Workshops and People. 

"I pride myself on reliability and communication - it’s the first step to building a relationship with a client/subject. That relationship is vital to getting the results I want and the results they require. I don’t take a single shot until I fully understand what it is that the client is looking for. Once that's done, only then do I start sprinkling on some inkpanda magic.”

Inkpanda is about visual storytelling, finding the beauty in the mundane, bringing truth to the forefront, and using modern technology and equipment to help bring artistic concepts to life.

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